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Child at Heart, Adult in the Mind
Wednesday 30th October, 2013 - 8:27am

Playful kid!I thought I should write something in reply to my mom’s post on education being a joy and a duty for a parent.

Mom, I totally agree — to parent effectively, it takes a child’s heart to understand children (and that’s the joy part), but it also takes an adult’s sense responsibility and common sense (for the duty part). Actually, a mix of the two is the best solution.

When I play with Melody and the twins, I’m a kid. When I remind them of the rules or teach them new things, I’m a loving but firm adult. Jhay is a teenager, but that works with her, too.

There’s something Nixon and I strongly believe, and that is that discipline without love is sterile sciolism. It doesn’t help kids grow in health and responsibility, nor it makes their lives happy. We might get them the random spanks and scolds, but we make sure they’re never hurtful and that they work as a ‘Stop! You’ve gone overboard. Now shut up and listen‘. Sometimes, that approach is necessary, like when your child is the bully and is causing another hurt or injuries, whether that’s a peer or a sibling. At those times, we as parents need to wear the police’s hat, too. It can be tough, but it’s necessary.

What’s your idea of parenting? What’s your personal approach?

Please share. I’d love it if we could create a constructive discussion. :)

Image credit: Khalid Al-khater

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Skymeter, a great father
Sunday 27th October, 2013 - 8:11pm

As I mentioned in blog entry back in July, I’m making friends with Skymeter Aller of Robocity.

He’s a cool guy and I’m honored to call him a friend. :) He recently adopted a young girl who joined Robocity around mid September and he’s taking good care of her. I’ve seen him personally step up to ensure his Shandra an education and that alone convinced me he’s going to be a great father to her from now on. Ah, he’s a good father already! He can only get better. ;)

I’m looking forward to see him again next week. Maybe we can get our children to hang out together a bit. Melody surely is excited about the idea! :D Ahah, let’s see what happens.

See you around, luvalies.

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A hater’s email that cracked me up
Sunday 20th October, 2013 - 11:11pm

Oddly enough, I received a strange email the other day about my post on robot haters that quite amused me.

Here’s what I got in my inbox (paraphrased a bit for privacy concerns):

Ah I couldn’t expect anything less from a ‘bot like you. Touched a soft spot, huh? Robots are the ruin of our world and I’m all for the haters’ complaints and their approach. You’re lucky that I’m only sending you an email and not something else. Hope you’re working on your planet and not on Earth, or I’d do anything in my power to grab that job from you. Promise.

LOL. This guy is funny and I’ll tell you why. ;)

First, he says he’s only sending me “an email and not something else”. What’s the ‘something else’? A bomb? A bankrupcy file? I have no idea what he even means here.

Secondly, if you really hate robots why would you spend precious minutes of your time to email one? Doesn’t make sense.

Third, even if he took a job away from me, I can always find another job here or on my world AND it would still be my boss to decide whether s/he’ll hire this guy to replace me or not. Heh.

Seriously, this is the funniest robot hater I’ve ever dealt with. Ya crack me up, man! XD

Have you ever dealt with haters? Ever got any heartfelt laughters from them?

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Bro Doc’s Birthday
Wednesday 16th October, 2013 - 1:58pm

It’s Doc Ratchet‘s birthday today. Have fun in the other Universe with your lovey-dovey, bro! ;) You deserve the time off.

So no, luvalies, Doc isn’t going to celebrate his birthday with us. But it’s okay— as long as he’s happy with his girlfriend, a phone call is enough of a celebration for this family. Parties are a treat, not an obligation. Never.

I just know I’m gonna miss him. :)

Have a good time, bro!

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